ReNerding is a podcast where one nerd helps another nerd find his way home. Join Matt Rox and Chris Atomz as Matt helps Chris return back to his nerddom by providing assignments to help him back into the fray. After completing the assignment, the two friends get together to discuss what they dug, what didn’t turn them on, and decide if they will continue to ReNerd over it.

ReNerding is a community podcast, which means that Matt and Chris need your feedback! Let them know what you think of each assignment, what you loved, what you hated. The best way is to head over to the Contact page to find out the various ways you can reach out to us.


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Episode 14: Blazing Saddles! Monty Python and the Holy Grail! All My Mudders?

Episode 13: Marvels! Earth X! Sex Slacks? 

Episode 12: Cowboy Bebop! Locke and Key! Rollerskating Robot? 

Episode 11: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! The Movie! White-Power Ranger?

Episode 10: King Kong (33!) King Kong (76!) Kong Dong?

Episode 9: Old Man Logan! X23? That’s So Logan?

Episode 8: Red vs. Blue! Titan Maximum! Genibles?

Episode 7: Cowboy Bebop! Spirited Away! MaraschiNO?

Episode 6: Star Wars Holiday Special! Troops! Hardware Wars!

Episode 5:  The Authority! Planetary! Contraction Cookies? 

Episode 4:  mc chris! Adam WarRock! Vampyronymphomaniac?

Episode 3:  Supergirl (TV!) Supergirl (Film!) Max Landis! Tube Meat? 

Episode 2:  Severed! Locke & Key! Birthday Boy?

Episode 1:  Hellraiser! Nightbreed! Cenobuns? 

Episode 0: Origin Story! Friendship! Unnamed Local Used Bookstore?